The Various Benefits of Using Bamboo Bath Towels

“Notice the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo survives by bending in the wind…Flexible, yet firm, delicate, yet strong” – Bruce Lee.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants worldwide and because of its features becomes very popular material in many different industries. It is is often used for medical purpose, building houses and schools, for making accessories, it is used in furniture industry, toys production and most of all bamboo is used in the clothing industry. You can find almost anything when it comes to clothing, from dresses to t-shirts and even some other items like sheets and towels. Believe me, nothing can compare with the softness of bamboo bath towels or bedrooms sheets. I own some and I certainly can not compare them to any other material. Not to mention the absorbent power these towels have which is quite important when it comes to these household items.


Bamboo is well known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and no matter how this material becomes exposed to processing these features does not fade away. This means all clothing pieces as well as bamboo bath towels are bacteria and fungi resistant. Yes, cotton is also a good choice for towels, but it does not offer the absorbency of a bamboo. The more you use a bamboo towel, the thicker it becomes.

Once you divide into the range of bamboo towels, you will note that they are a bit more expensive than towels made from other materials. But they come with a longer lifespan than other options, what makes them worth the investment. Maintaining them is an easy core. You can keep them clean with lukewarm or cold water without using any fabric softener or bleach. A delicate wash cycle on your washing machine will do the job perfectly.

They are biodegradable. Yes, you read it right. Once a bamboo towel is exposed to a direct sunlight, the material will decompose slowly and easily without causing any damage to the environment. Also, they are very beneficial for some skin issues. Anyone who suffers from sores, ringworm, nail infection, athlete’s foot or any other skin problem find bamboo towels very useful since their natural qualities help against spreading the infection.

Towels made from cotton require often replacement. You need to buy new ones on every few years and sometimes even often than that. After a few washes, they become less effective which is not a case with bamboo. Once you buy bath towels made of bamboo you will be able to enjoy their benefits for many years without worry they will lose some of their quality features.


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