The Different Types of Industrial Hoses and Their Applications

Hoses are some of the simplest inventions man has ever thought of, the process of transferring liquid from one end to the other in a timely manner has always been as ssimple as it gets, but when it comes to its application in industrial environments it gets a little more nuanced. There are a lot of different types of industrial hoses that are used for different tasks, their construction, durability and materials depend on what they will be used for. An air hose will always be different to a water hose, this is because their pressures are completely different.

Industrial hoses are necessary for many different industries, sometimes they are used to remove water or waste but, in most cases industrial hoses are applied to certain machines in factories to help them run more efficiently. Usually made from rubber hose industrial grade is made through a process of running heated rubber which soften and smooth the rubber shaping it into a smoothbored hose which is durable enough to be used for industrial purposes. They can have extra attachements that are more often than not end clamps caps or special wiring integrated within the hose to reinforce it.

Used in the production, manufacturing and distribution sectors in a wide variety of industries such as the petroleum industry, chemical engineering, docks and harbours, tankers, agriculture, food and beverage. The ordinary green water hose in your garden is too small compared to the water hose industrial grade which is not only bigger but stronger and more flexible. This type of hose is usually used for irrigation and putting out fires and are always made from very durable materials. The inner tube of a water hose is made of PVC and EPDM material, to ensure smooth operation and the best possible durability.

Then there are beverage and food hoses which are used to extract or inject liquids such as juice, alcohol, oils, milk and flavouring. Made of high grade polyurethan, these hoses are flexible enough to handle liquids that could potentially damage or corrode the hose. Then there is the air hose which is commonly used in compressors, blowers, sprayers and pneumatic lines and systems as this type of hose is designed to maintain air pressure at certain levels. You’ll find the air hose and construction sites, mines and other outdoor industrial fields. They’re made of durable reinforced ruber which is made to withstand any rugged conditions.


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