How to Spice Up Your Exterior with Natural Stone Veneer

An attractive exterior design can add function and aesthetics to the entire living space. No wonder the most prominent feature of luxurious mansions and modern urban homes is an exterior that truly stands out. It’s usually adorned with fancy and unique elements that have both a practical and decorative purpose. They are arranged in such a way that give the space a nice flow and makes the house look and feel more sophisticated and inviting.

Considering the fact that the outdoors of lavish mansions often feature expensive elements, replicating the same look in your home might seem difficult. After all, most of us don’t want to waste a lot of money on improving the exterior design of the house. Well, the good news is that you don’t have to brake the bank to get that stylish and luxurious look. There are many exterior design solutions that don’t cost a lot of money yet can give the space a touch of elegance and style. One of the least expensive options is to cover the exterior walls with masonry paint in a colour like beige or white that will give the entire house a unified and polished look. However, to completely transform their look I would recommend using veneer fieldstone which is known for its unique texture and colour.


Natural stone is an affordable option that can instantly enhance the beauty and function of your home. Due to its ability to compliment any kind of exterior design, veneer fieldstone is commonly used to spice up the exterior walls of both modern and traditional homes. There are many different ways in which you can use natural stone. Depending on the effect you want to achieve you can combine natural stone veneer with the existing siding of your house. However, be careful with the colours and textures your use since mixing and matching different textures with vibrant shades can have an overwhelming effect and ruin the look of your walls. That’s why it would be best to use veneer fieldstone in a shade and texture that compliments the wall’s colour.

Another creative method that can help you make the most of this stunningly versatile and elegant material is by adorning the columns of your house with stone veneer. Original stone columns are often very expensive to build and implement as a prominent architectural feature. Therefore, outfitting your concrete or brick columns with stone veneer will be a much affordable solution that will still provide an elegant and unique look.


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