So What’s the Best Possible Material for a Water Bottle?


If you are considering making fitness a regular part of your life, a reusable water bottle will be your best ally to ensure you stay healthy and hydrated during your workouts. However, choosing among the best water bottles available is not always easy.

While exploring the categories of water bottles, some of their features will sound great for you and lead you to choose one type over the other.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

These bottles often look sleek and as their name suggests, they don’t stain, making them perfect for clean freaks. Key advantages of these bottles include excellent durability, purity, and lightweight. Available in many varieties, stainless steel water bottles often have a high-quality appearance compared to their plastic counterparts. Plus, these bottles are extremely resilient against rust and corrosion. This means, if you get a high-quality stainless steel bottle, you can expect it to last for many and many years.

Our suggestion for a great stainless steel water bottle is the Klean Kanteen wide mouth water bottles. Available in different sizes, the lid of Klean Kanteen wide mouth water bottles has a finger hole to facilitate easy opening, and the bottle has a leak proof design with the logo printed on the center. The brand’s focus is to provide superior fitness bottle products that are safe for the customer and the environment and it goes great lengths to make sure their bottles are free of BPA, leaching, and liners.

Plastic Water Bottles

If you are a person who is environmentally friendly and conscious of our environment, recyclable plastic bottles fulfill that need. But when shopping for plastic water bottles, be careful with the material they are made of. That is because only BPA-free plastic bottles are safe from leakage of hazardous materials. The good news is that most companies offer plastic bottles that are BPA-free. Advantages of plastic water bottles include lightweight, transparency and lower cost.

Glass Water Bottles

These bottles are easy to clean, transparent, and preserve the taste of the beverage like no other. One great feature of these bottles is that due to their transparency they allow seeing if the container is clean and knowing exactly what is in the bottle. A downside of these bottles is that they are hefty, and this can be a deciding factor depending on when you typically use your water bottle.

Each bottle material has its own strengthen and now that you know them you may be able to find a bottle that you will be happy with.


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