Essential Workshop Equipment for a Start-Up Garage

If you are starting a small mechanics workshop, or just an enthusiast in car and automotive work, a well equipped garage with the correct tools is the way to success. But before we move on to the workshop equipment, I need to bring up one thing that is essential. The space for your garage should be used as, well a garage.

What I mean by this is get any rusty bicycle, old trash-cans and gardening tools out of there and put them in your shack where they belong. To start a perfect garage, you need the perfect empty garage space. Now, let’s talk about filling that empty canvas with the essential workshop equipment.

You might think that a single light-bulb would be enough light during the night or murky days. But you wouldn’t know the struggle of low light and shadow patches, until you’ve had to look for a tiny fastener or grommet. Good lighting’s the source of productivity in enclosed spaces, especially when working with a contraption such as a vehicle. But one light source is not enough, you would want to eliminate as much (if possible) all shadowy patches. To insure that you don’t misplace a tool or forget to put in a small part into the car.

Your work will be done inside an enclosed space, on a device filled with flammable liquid or gas (gasoline), along with a high powered electrical source (the car’s battery) and will be surrounded by cloths and rags (to clean your hands). There are numerous occasions that can initiate and produce flame. To insure the safety of your workshop equipment, your garage and most importantly yourself (and/or personal) it is essential to have a prevention method.


First-Aid Kit
As mentioned above, working with such complex machinery can be quite dangerous. There are parts that can get heated up to high-temperatures, parts that need to be forcefully twisted and tightened. You can sprain, cut, burn and even crush some parts of your body if not careful, but accidents happen even when you are cautious. Adding a first-aid kit to your workshop equipment can help you mend such injuries fast, before seeking medical expertise.

Tip: You can also add a mini-fridge to keep ice packs handy for burns and swelling prevention. And beverages for refreshments of course (dehydration is real).

This device is really useful, be it from getting a ‘third-hand’ while holding something, keeping something steady or gluing certain objects that need pressure to stick. The uses if this device are imaginatively endless, this is why it should most definitely be in your top needed tools list for your garage.

This device is where your garage goes from ordinary to professional. A good air compressor will let you inflate tires, blow and clean dirty or dusty parts and allow you to use an array of pressure activated devices. It is a great investment and if you need tips on choosing a compressor you can follow this guide here.

Jack Stands/Lifts
We can see the top, front, back and sides of the care and interact with them with no problem. But most of the essential parts of the car are underneath. So to fix a car completely, we will spend most of our time on the ground, beneath the car. To lift the car you’re going to need jack stands, and make sure that they have safety pins to ensure safety (so that the cars doesn’t collapse on you).
One tool air-compressor allow you to use instead of jack stands is a hydraulic bottle jack which is a super powerful lifter (some can hold up to 20,000 kg).

Tip: If you want mobility and comfort, for when you’re under the car, you can buy a ‘creeper’. This is basically a cushioned bed-roll that has wheels on it.

Laptop Computer
Cars are complicated, so if you ever get stuck on a particular task, you would need a source of information to receive advice and tips on how to fix the problem. What better way then the internet?

But instead of having to run back to the house constantly (and even smudging the entire household with oil and grease) it would be a safer bet to just get a laptop in your garage. But don’t get just any laptop, invest in a powerful machine (at least powerful enough to browse the web fast and efficiently). You can find numerous forums, on which there are solutions and question forms.

Apart from the array of different tools that you would need to store, over the years you will be piled with old pieces of cars, fluids that you would needs for specific car models and overall different car gadgets. With all of these objects requiring their own place you are going to need a bit more then a few shelves and a table. You can buy shelving units, that are compact and durable, for better organization.


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