Creating a Chic Gallery Wall with Photographic Art Prints

Gallery walls have become a major trend in the interior design world and for very good reason. They can not only infuse your space with artistic flare and elegance, but can also transform the look of your walls from plain and boring into stylish features of your home. Many of the urban homes you can see in interior design magazines have wonderful gallery walls with art pieces that are expertly arranged to compliment the specific dimensions of the wall and enhance the beauty of the interior design. Interior designers pay special attention not only the images that the artworks capture, but also to the size of each piece which should suit the size of the room. With that being said creating your very own gallery wall might seem like a challenge, but is in fact quite simple as along as you stick to a few designer rules.


First, it’s essential to choose pieces that look unique and can add elegance and artistic flare to your design scheme. This doesn’t mean that you have to waste money on expensive paintings, thanks to the wonderful design of photographic art prints you can instantly spice up the look of your walls without braking the bank. They reflect the artistic quality of photography and can be a nice addition to any room of the house. The choices in terms of scenery and colour are vast, so you are sure to find a unique and stylish art print that will best suit the specific style of your home. From vintage photographic art prints in black and white to colourful prints of gorgeous landscapes, there are many options when it comes to creating a chic and distinctive gallery wall.

Many of the vintage prints you can find on the market have been captured by recognised photographic artists, the amazing Mark Strizic being just one of them. Once you’ve decided what art pieces you want to use for your gallery wall its time to plan how the whole photographic display will look like. Pay attention to features like symmetry and balance when deciding how you will arrange each piece. Make sure to leave at least a few centimetres of free space between each art print. This way you will achieve a symmetrical wall display that adds dimension to the space. To create balance you would want to choose a piece that will serve as the focal point of the gallery wall. Large art prints that capture a memorable scenery can serve as a great focal point. To make the piece really stand out place it inside a stylish frame and hang it at eye level on the wall.


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