Cushion Your Way to Amazing Decor

Cushions may not seem like much on their own, but these home décor items can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of the room. They add colour, texture, and form to a room, and are actually, a vital design element when you are finessing a room.

When it comes to decorating with cushions, interior designers say there are no fast and hard rules to follow – it is really about trying things up until you find the right arrangement and combination. And the great news is that decorating with these home décor items doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Nowadays, you can find a great range of budget-friendly designer cushions with a little hunting. The internet is a great place to find great deals and discounts on designer cushions.

Below are some ideas of cushions combinations that you can try in your home without having to hire a decorator.

Pattern & Solid MixDesigner Cushions

This is a simple combination that can have a big impact. When pairing totally opposite colours such as blue and orange, it is always recommended to have a cream or white backdrop. For a more minimal look, choose patterns that are subtle.

Bold Pattern & Small Pattern MixDesigner Cushions 1

Here the cream-colored pillows feature a pattern that is so subtle that it can practically be seen as a solid.

Mix of primary coloursDesigner Cushions 2

Keeping a simple palette allows you to play with the shape of the pillows. Primary colours plus a punch of blue dominate compose this cushion mix.

Floral MixDesigner Cushions 3

Visit a cottage in England to discover that there are no two floral prints that clash with one another. As you can see, this combination has different floral styles, color palettes and scales, creating a sophisticated and inviting look.

Tips to follow when picking the right designer cushions for your home

  • Size – standard sizes (about 45cm) fits well sofas with traditional dimensions. Oversize cushions (60cm) help create a more casual feel. If your sofa has a very low back, choose a 40cm cushion.
  • Fill – Synthetic fills, such as foam, are stiffer and hold their shape for longer, but they also look less lush. A feather-and-down fill has a more squish feel, but is also more expensive.
  • Texture – Nubby linen against smooth leather or silk upholstery lead a tactile contrast while shiny pillows on a fuzzy couch add warmth and offer traction so pillows don’t slide off seats.
  • Number – In design, odd numbers tend to be chicer. Go with three, five or seven, depending on the size of your furniture and the look you want to achieve.

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