The Right Time To Inspect/Replace Toyota Hilux DPF

The Diesel particulate filter or DPF for short is a device that is equipped with any modern vehicle. The same can be said about the Toyota Hilux. Did you know that the Toyota Hilux is the most sold off-road vehicle in Australia? Yeah, and the most used one is the diesel type. As with any filter the Toyota Hilux DPF, the filter needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its performance. The process can be done by regeneration with the service crew or done right directly with the car. Yeah, modern cars are built this way, and they are essential for keeping our environment clean. The reason why is that diesel engines release more toxic gasses than petrol ones, and with the help of the DPF they are releasing smaller amount.

The most usually fitted brands are the Toyota Hilux DPF, also the Fortuner, the RAV4, the Land Cruiser and more. The thing is they can break, like nothing is perfect in this world, the same can be said with the Toyota Hilux DPF. Luckily, Toyota let other third-party manufacturers create and produce DPF with better specs than their own. Bellow, we will go through the things you should notice if the time has come to change or replace your Toyota DPF.

First thing, if you nothing that your vehicle has increased idle speed, engine note change, different smells from the exhaust, cooling fan operating strangely, white smoke from the exhaust, an increased fuel, well this means that your Toyota Hilux DPF needs to be changed or replaced.

When the active regeneration won’t activate, then a forced regeneration must be done so the DPF is cleared. This procedure is found in the owner manual, however, you should have in mind that you can put yourself in hazardous and dangerous situations. Be sure to always follow the specified safety measures such as never parking your vehicle near flammable material, make sure that there are no people around if your vehicle has a DPF switch do not carry the procedure inside an enclosed area.

You still not sure what to do when the DPF light is on? Well, if the DPF light is on for a long time, a regeneration is needed or some other actions need to be considered (changing the DPF). Different models have different signals and messages. So, if your friend has a Range Rover and you have a Toyota Hilux, it does not mean you have the same process of regenerations. Therefore, it is crucial to read the owner manual or consult with the DPF professional or retailer to help you solve the DPF problem.

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