What Is the Best Mailbox Post Material

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just want to replace the old one mailbox with new it’s useful to know what is the best mailbox post material. There are several types of material that have an impact of the durability of them. The most popular materials from which a mailbox can be done is wood/timber and stainless steel.
Wooden mailboxes may be done from treated wood and give the traditional look of the natural beauty. His advantage is that can be shaped in any form you like.
The most popular types of wood are Ipe Wood Posts and Teak Wood Posts.
Ipe Wood Post building material is so tough and highly durable that can resist flames and does not float. It’s native to South America and some parts of Central America. This is one of the densest wood and it’s three time harder than cedar. However this density also makes Ipe wood a little more complicated to be treated . Ipe wood post does not hold varnish in an outdoor projects cause it will gain a light silvery colour over time .


Teak Wood Posts is easier to be treated than Ipe Wood Posts and is more resistance to climate conditions. If you use without treating there are also possibilities that may gain a silver colour on it if it is not treated. It is three more times expensive than Ipe wood posts and for that reason many people cannot afford to bye it, so it’s kind of a rare choice.

Black Locus Wood Posts is famous for its durability but cannot be sized for a mailbox post. Is very resistant to decay and can last about 150 years. There are variety of black locus that grow next to long straight timbers and shingles cannot be cut from them.

Other Wood Mailbox Posts

Accoya,Cypress,Redwood and Cedar wood are included here.
Accoya is proven wood modification technique and can fit ideal for an outdoor projects and cedar Is very affordable and easy to work wood and available into three wonderful designs.
Standard cedar where mailbox lay on arm produced by cedar wood
A deluxe cedar design with curved brace above the mailbox
A cedar post with an arm which doubles , allows the mailbox to be mounted.

Stainless steel mailbox post material

Mailboxes crafted from cast aluminum surely wont rust. They are completely resistant and that is an advantage for those who are living along the ocean because we know that the are ofen attacked from the salt consisted in the water, when there’s a wind. They are available in many colours ,sizes and styles if you want to choose one .
Mailbox can be a handsome addition to your home and guess what they make the first impression when someone comes.


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