Top 4 Accessories That No Sauna Can Go Without

Investing in a sauna is the best thing you can do! It offers you relaxing time both for your spirit and your body! Once you found the perfect sauna, the next thing you should do is to find the right accessories for sauna. I’ve put together a list of the most popular accessories for sauna in Australia, that you will certainly want to lay your hands on!

Sauna Seat Cushion

One of the most popular accessories is the seat cushion. The seat cushion helps you ensure that your sauna stays clean and always looks cool. It makes a great difference between a hard bench and a soft cushion. A lot of sauna owners when they sell their house, leave it to the new owner and the value is around $10000. It is easier to sell the house when the sauna looks newer and clean. A great benefit for your sauna is when you waterproof cushion – people love it!

Towel sets

One of the most practical accessories is the towel set. The reason why is simple, because they are always on hand, and you won’t need taking towels from your bathroom (which can cause a really uncomfortable situation). The perfect sauna towel is way different than the shower one. It is thinner, not so fluffy and it is way smaller than the bathroom one. They are usually made from woven, high-threaded-count linen and they work the best in any situation.

Infrared Sauna Control Box

The control box is a very crucial element in your sauna. It offers you individual temperature controls that give you control for everything even the heated mat. You can control the temperatures from 25C up to 90C for your sauna domes and 25C up to 90C for the mat. The time control goes from zero to sixty minutes, which is easily adjustable at any 5-minute mark. The control box offers you a gentle buzzer when the time is up for your session. You can install the control box anywhere so it can be within easy reach so you can access it and view it easily.

Connecting Cables

When installing a sauna there is always a need to have an extra connecting cable or two. The reason behind this is because the cables will be there if you want to upgrade the sauna or install additional control boxes so you will have better control. These cables are made from durable material and can withstand high temperatures. It is always good to have them at hand if you want to change some old cables or expand your sauna.


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