4×4 Exhaust – Which One Will Offer Me the Best Performance

One of the best ways to enhance your 4×4 performance is to make a quick, easy and long term improvements on the exhaust. By getting more 4X4 performance exhaust will give you more power, low fuel consumption and better and satisfying sound.

The most efficient way to make your engine flow better is to make 4×4 performance exhaust and intake upgrades. Generally, factory system have a small diameter piping, baffles and bends, which have a limiting effect on the exhaust flow. By increasing the diameter and reducing the obstruction is the most efficient way to create more power.

When you decide to change the headers, the exhaust system, the muffler or any 4×4 accessories, you need to consider which materials will help your current system, and which parts you will need to purchase so they can match between each other. You ask yourself “Why is this so crucial?”. To answer this we will use the old saying that says a chain is only as strong as it is the weakest link, which applies to the exhaust system pretty well. On the market, there are three types of steel that are made from and those are T409, T304 stainless steel and aluminized.


Aluminised steel is very common material that is generally used for both original and aftermarket exhaust accessories. This steel is coated with an aluminium alloy which gives it more resistance to corrosion and it can work perfectly at high temperatures. Because of these features, this is a good option for your exhaust system as it is the most affordable option from all other materials.

The T304 stainless steel is another choice that is quite common options among many aftermarket exhaust producers. The reason why is because it is highly resistance material that will not harden when it’s under a great temperature which makes the perfect choice for an exhaust system. Even in the hardest conditions, it can maintain the finish and can be used in any climate.

Lastly but not least is the T409 stainless steel that is stable because the titanium and the corrosion resistant is bigger than any of the aforementioned ones. Usually, it is used for enhancing the 4X4 performance exhaust, in fact, it is the best choice for any vehicle if you have money to spend.

The more money you spend, the better quality items you will receive. Purchasing better quality ensures longevity, quality, durability and reliability for your 4×4. For that reason, if you love your vehicle and want to have the best parts – invest, the result is amazing!


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