Home Improvement: Adding a Colorful Splash Without a Brush

Wondering a creative way to enhance the look and spirit of your home without a major project? The answer is simple – colour it! But I’m not talking about painting your walls in different colours. I’m referring to more simple methods that are more interesting and do not require you to make a long-term commitment. Take a look at these great ideas that will spice up your interior home décor with a hit of colour.blinds-curtains

Blinds & Curtains

A blind or a curtain doesn’t necessarily need to just blend in with the walls – they can be the perfect way to add some colour to your space. A primarily white space can be easily enhanced by a pop of colour handing next to the windows. Floor-length curtains takes a lot of visual space and can be the ideal choice for adding lots of colour into the room. If large, colourful curtains are a bit too much for your taste, you can consider blinds to carry the room’s color scheme to the windows. When shopping for blinds & curtains, make sure you choose a reliable retailer that ensures the quality and longevity of its products.

A Rug

You may not believe, but sometimes all you need to brighten up your room to throw down a colourful rug. A rug is the perfect element to section-off the area and obtain blocks of colour where you need them. For example, if you have an apparently bare nook in your space, you can go for a brightly coloured rug to tie everything together.


Throw a set of stylish, colourful pillows in your living room lounge area, or if you prefer, you can do that on the king size bed in your bedroom to add a bit of colour into the area. Pillows are sure a budget-friendly solution that can create a great impact on the entire design and ambiance if you choose the right colours and patters to refresh the space.


Accessories are a must when it comes to completing a room and bringing together all the elements in the room. In a neutral space, a variety of accessories in a single palette of colour will bring great doses of colours that can be easily swapped. For example, a brown bookcase placed against a white wall will get a total different look with the addition of simple, colourfull accessories. Plants, books, and picture frames are also great ways to play up colour.


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