Different Types of Sensors Used for Industrial Purposes

Proximity sensors detect how far the objects around them are without having to get in physical contact with the objects. They do this by emitting an electromagnetic beam or field and when the signal returns to them, they are programmed to find the changes either in the signal or in the electromagnetic field. You can find proximity sensors Australia wide, as they are used everywhere. Companies use them, people use them at home and we even have them inside of our phones. They are used on everything from roller coasters, conveyor belts and aviation safety to remote controls and mobile phones.


There are a few different types of sensors that we can encounter, some we see on a daily base and others are more industrial, so we don’t come in contact with them that often. Speed sensors, for example, are used for detecting at what speed an object is moving. The most common way we come in contact with them is a speedometer. They are also used in speed radars. Police officers use them to detect the speed of a vehicle, so that they can determine if someone is breaking the law or not. Temperature sensors are used to measure the temperature of certain objects. Some need to be in contact with the object, while others can measure it from far away. Infrared sensors can be found mostly in TV remote controllers. But, they can also be found in RC toys. There are even touch sensors. These are the little switches we use every day. We use them for turning on the light and for other everyday applications. You just flip the switch and the light turns on.

You come in contact with a proximity sensor on a daily basis. There is one in your phone. It is the reason why the screen goes dark when you are talking on your phone and get it close to your face. It prevents pressing something by mistake and cancelling the call. Some proximity sensors Australia wide are used as a way to allow for easier lighting. When walking past them they turn on the lights and after a period of time they turn them off. This allows for much more saving of money and energy. You can also install one in your outdoor living area to enjoy the benefit of saving. These easy to install and use inventions make life a lot less complicated.


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