Few Tips to Design a Family Room That Will Work for the Whole Family

A family room is one of the best additions to any home. Although it is always good to have a formal living area, a family room will allow you to spend valuable one on one time with your family. Here are some tips to help your create the perfect style and atmosphere for your family room, making it homely, comfortable and inviting.


To create a soft, warm feel to the room, interior designers recommend getting stick to neutral colour scheme and work with creams, browns and grays. The great thing about using neutral shades is that they allow you add complimentary colours through your details such as pillows, curtains, decorative accessories, etc.

Comfortable Furniture

The family room is the place that you and your family will be using for movie watching and even occasional naps, so make sure to choose furniture pieces that are plush and cozy. Home therapy suggests getting a couch, a comfortable recliner chair and one fun seating option for the kids, like a bean bag chair.

To withstand all the wear and tear it will suffer, you should choose a couch that feels solid and heavy, has a dense foam (the denser the foam, the long it will last) and that is covered with a high quality fabric that can hold up against stains, fading and everyday living. Recliner chairs come in a range of designs, colours and materials. Narrow down your options by determining what style you are looking for and select a model made from a soft yet durable upholstery, that features a pull lever for easy recliner and different comfortable positions. Bean bags are not the amorphous vinyl blobs of yore anymore. The new range of bean bag chairs feature sleek, comfortable and multifunctional designs, making then ideal for every kind of space. Do an online research to find out the options available regarding couches, recliner chairs and funny seating. This will also be a great opportunity to find out which retailers offer the better deals.

Consider a coffee table that offers extra storage, an entertainment unit that can hold your TV, movies, games and books and a small side table that can be used for snack time, homework and art projects.

  Focus on Activities, Not the TV

It is pretty common to see family rooms become the TV room, instead of a place where the family hangs together. To avoid that, design your room around activities. For example, you can divide your room into sections to allow for multiple uses: a recliner chair and a lamp for reading a book, an art space for the kids let their creative juices flow, a game table area for family game night.

source: milandirect.com.au


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