7 Suggestions for a Fun-Filled Night with Great Best Friend Tag Questions

We all have a special bond with a friend that can easily be regarded as the most rewarding, most successful or simpler put, the best relationship we’ve ever had in our life. When asked if we know everything about our best friend, most of us would answer “yes” quicker than a blink of an eye, without even thinking that there might be something we simply never talked about. No matter how close you feel you are, there must be something of big value to them that you don’t have a clue about. If you think you do, we challenge you to play a game of best friend tag questions.

Best friend tag questions is a popular social game and is meant to be played by only two people. It can be played by more players with a few rules bent, but the fun-factor will be significantly decreased and the time frame increased. Before you start asking best friend questions, first you need to prepare a set of few great questions that promise a fun-wrapped evening. Also, you can choose more personal or intimate questions that you never dared to ask before. When it comes to types of best friend questions, there are no rules.

Are you ready to discover hidden and unknown truths and maybe secrets of your best friend? Then go ahead and ask your best friend tag questions. If you are open to suggestions, we deliver you some of the funniest, craziest and most good-time-promising best friend tag questions you will ever find.

According to you, what are my best personality traits?

This question is a perfect opportunity to find something about yourself you never knew from your best friend. You certainly know yourself and your finest personality traits, but your best friend may put them into a whole new perspective and boost your self confidence.

Do you remember the moment we met?

Today you’ve reached the friendship level: Impossibru, but your first ever meeting must hold a special place in your heart. Unless it wasn’t that special and it occurred spontaneously, which could also be a fun trip to your memory lane. This makes easily one of the best friend tag questions.

What memory from our friendship you cherish the most?

A question of this kind opens up a portal of unforgettable memories between you and your best friend. But which one exactly is their favorite and is it the same as yours? You know the only way to find that out.

Do you remember who my first crush was?

It is one of the most intimate and personal best friend questions there and your best friend is the only one who must know it. But will you forgive them if it happened to forget who your first crush was? Test how much he\she cares about you by posing him\her this question.

When and how did we become the good friends we are?

Another question with the potential to revive the story of your friendship. If you thought that only the story of your romantic relationship matters, think twice. Many friends have become best friends after a rough start in which they didn’t like each other at all. Many others have got so close simply because they were always there for each other year after year. Every friendship has its own beginning and reviving it is worth it.

What is your most embarrassing moment in your life?

From time to time, we all get reminded of our goofiest, craziest and most embarrassing memories. If he\she is indeed your best friend (as you prefer to call him\her), reminding each other to the most embarrassing moments in your lives is a must. This question has the potential to make your cheeks blush and bring a river of happy tears falling on your face.

Name two things I cannot live without.

This question may posses a threat for your friendship, but not if you and your best friend have a truly special friendship and know everything about each other, including things you cannot live without. Of course you’ll be the one thing, but does he\she know the other thing you cannot imagine your life without?

These best friend tag questions will not only ensure a fun-wrapped night with your best friend, but it will also allow you to learn new things about each other and get closer than ever. Even if turns out that you know the answers of all the best friend questions, this will prove once again that your friendship is worth ten thousand relatives.

Credit goes to bloghappens.com

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