The Two Most Popular Ways to Play 21 Questions Game

Getting to know somebody is one of the most exciting experiences in life, but for many, it is a scary and awkward part they would’ve probably skipped if there was a way. What if I told you there is a way to fully enjoy the get-to-know part, without feeling awkward and being scared at all? 21 Questions is a game that is known as a great ice-breaker and is usually played when people want to get to know each other better. Simple, fun and versatile, the 21 questions game can be either played with a crush or a number of friends.

The concept of this game is each member to ask and answer 21 random questions in effort to get closer to that person. If there is a question or few you never dared to ask your crush or friend, this game gives you the perfect opportunity to do so and get sincere answers too. Lying is strictly forbidden in this game – you must tell the truth on all of the questions. If you notice that someone is having a hard time answering a question, feel free to warn them or even exclude them from the game (if all agreed), because telling the truth doesn’t take as much time as lying.

Since the game is straightforward and with not many rules, some people adjust it according to their best preferences. Before you start, you may rule out a few topics or add a few new rules. For example, you can let the person being asked pass on 1 or 2 questions. Also, 21 questions game can be played with at least 2 players and as much as 8. However, with over 6 players, the game gets boring for those who are either not asking or answering questions. The less the players, the more the fun. There are many ways to play the 21 questions game, but in addition, we explain how to play the 2 most popular ways.

The Classic 21 Questions Game

The game begins by randomly choosing a player to be asked first to answer 21 questions. In turns, all the players of the group ask a variety of questions until they pose the last, 21st question, while the target must answer each and every one truthfully. If you are, let’s say 3-5 players, you can speed up the game by asking two question in a turn. Once you’re done with the first target, there are few ways to choose the next target. The most common way is to let the person who just finished answering select the next person to be asked 21 questions. Some other alternatives are to role dices, a player to volunteer or any random way of choosing target. If there are only two of you, one person asks 21 questions in a row and the other person answers. After you’re done, simply switch the roles and proceed.

The Ricochet 21 Questions Game

This way of asking questions for 21 questions game is quite unique and is very popular among young adults and teenagers, because it runs at a faster pace and has better dynamics than the classic one. The first player (Player 1), who is randomly chosen, starts the game by asking a question to another player (Player 2). After Player 2 answers the question, now he\she posses a question to a person of their will (except Player 1). The round ends when a total of 21 questions are asked and answered. Until every player has answered at least one question in the round, no player can be asked for a second time. When the first round is over, the last player who answered a question starts the new round by posing a question to anyone. If you’re only two players, you know the drill.


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