5 Popular Myths on Psychics and Psychic Readings

Psychics are gifted people who use their talent to help other people find their path and improve our life by providing a reading based on their energetic field (consisted of their current thoughts and feelings), but that’s not the image in the heads of many who have never visited a psychic or medium before. Psychics readings are an old art of foretelling one’s future and discovering hidden truths via various methods. If we look back at our history, we’ll find out that psychics have appeared in a variety of different forms over the years: witch doctors, omens, shamans, mediums and so on. Even since psychics started using their gift, intuition and skills to provide psychics readings, many skeptics have often challenged their authenticity and the way psychics work. The result is tons of myths and misconceptions on psychics. Here are 5 popular myths on psychics and psychic readings.

Psychics Can See One’s Future

The biggest myth of all is that psychics and psychic mediums are able to see one’s future. If this were true, many people would’ve won the lottery and so become rich and move in their dream country. Yet, many people think that predicting the future is what psychics do. First off, no one’s future is set. Every decision and change you make can impact the future hugely. But even if the future was set, psychics do not have the power to read it for you.

Psychics Are Scammers

With the rise of many false psychics, people are starting to believe that all psychics are scammers, which of course, is not true. There are indeed a plenty of scammers who are taking advantage of vulnerable and desperate people in need of help to make a quick buck, but there are also a plenty of talented and skillful people who are able to read your aura and help you find a way out of your crisis. Due to the scammers, psychics have taken a bad reputation, but this is only a myth as false as the Loch Ness Monster.

Psychics Can Read Your Mind

This is also a very popular myth among people who never had a psychic reading done on them. Many would meet a psychic and start their meeting by asking them a question such as “When’s my birthday” or “What’s the number I’m thinking about”. Before you embarrass yourself, keep in mind that psychics cannot read your mind, only your aura. They do not know what you’re thinking, but what you’re feeling, which is what the psychic readings are all about.

Psychics Can Cast and Remove Spells

There are hundreds and thousands of people who think that psychics are mystical beings with supernatural powers, so they can cast and remove spells. Regardless of the fact that it sounds like a lame cartoon show, people really believe in this nonsense. Also, there are numerous scammers who offer cast-removal services who add onto the false image of psychics. Needless to say, this is a big fat myth that no one should take it seriously, because as far as science can tell, there is no magic in this world.

Psychics Can Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

The last one, but not least popular is that psychics are able to make people fall in love with other people. While most psychics are only able to give you a psychic reading based on your own feelings and thoughts, there are some capable of getting in contact with spirit guides. However, even they are not able to play Cupid. Making a person to fall in love with another goes against the free will of people, so even if they were really capable of doing it, compassionate, caring and genuine psychics would refuse to do this.


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