Which Polycarbonate Glasses to Use with Specific Drinks

Polycarbonate Glasses

No one could ever hope for their home to be complete without the proper glassware. There are a lot of alcoholic drinks out there and there is a glass for each and every drink. Well, not really for all of them, but, you get the idea. However, the glass out of glassware is slowly starting to fade away. Why? You might be asking yourself. Well, glass is a fragile material, and whole sets of glasses can disappear in a week, all by falling down and breaking. That creates a lot of costs and there are a few people that can afford to buy a set of glasses every week. What’s the solution? It’s quite simple, the solution is, polycarbonate glasses. These glasses are much more durable than the regular ones, there isn’t any difference when it comes to the price, and it feels like real glass, they don’t alter the taste of the drink. More and more bars and nightclubs are starting to implement polycarbonate glassware in order to reduce incidents with broken glasses and people cutting themselves. Let’s go over some of the types of glasses and what drinks should be served in them.

Beer Glasses

There is a large variety of beers out there and they are all served in different types of glassware. From pilsners to mugs, the glass has a huge impact on the beer. As soon as the beer hits the glass there is a big change happening. There are huge changes happening to the taste and appearance of the beer as soon as it leaves the bottle. So, it’s best to use the proper polycarbonate glasses for the specific beers, you’ll get the taste it’s supposed to have.

Wine Glasses

There are almost as many beer glasses as there are wine glasses. Meaning, there is a lot of wine glasses. There are a lot of wines and all of them require a specific glass in order to get the most taste and aroma out of them. The glasses are divided into two categories, glasses for red wine and glasses for white wine. The ones for red wine usually have a large mouth with a round bowl and white wine is served in a tall, thin glass with a much smaller mouth.

Cocktail Glasses

It’s hard to pick what kind of glass goes with which cocktail. There are simply too many drinks, all of us know the usual martinis and cosmopolitans. However, there are a lot more alcoholic drinks than there are glasses. So when it comes to cocktails the type of glass doesn’t have as much significance.

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