Great Ideas For Decorating Your Walls With Wallpaper

Although today wallpapers are so much popular, there are also a lot of people feeling septic about decorating their walls with these pieces of paper. The two most important questions that most of the people ask themselves are: Is not wallpaper out of style and is not wallpaper a lot of maintenance? Actually, the truth is completely opposite. Wallpaper is very much in style today and according to interior designers will always be. When it comes to maintaining part, you should know that a wallpaper is easier to clean compare to painted walls. What is the key element when deciding to decorate your walls with wallpaper is the proper installation.


When it comes to colours and patterns you can choose whenever you like. You can find a vast array of wallpaper black, red, blue, green, yellow and basically any other colour that exists in our world. Geometric, flower, abstract, straps, you can choose any pattern you like and decorate any area of your living space. Yes, literally, you can use wallpaper for almost every project like bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, stairs.

When it comes to wallpapers, one of the most common projects is making an accent wall in the room. This is the wall that will instantly catch the eye of the people who will come to your home. For this purpose, the best choice is to use a wallpaper with strong colour. For a burst of style and texture, you can create an accent wall using wallpaper black, ruby red or some other strong colour, or you can go with the floral or patterned design. For more eye-catching look pair this wall with neutral pieces of furniture.


The hallway is another part of your home which walls will benefit from a wallpaper. Walls like those in an entry and a stairwell are just perfect spots for installing a wallpaper. If you want to bring this space to life, use a bold pattern wallpaper and the first impression your guest will get when they enter the door will be simply amazing.

Yes, you can even install a wallpaper behind the shelves creating an interest in the room. Highlighting bookshelves in this way makes a special place for displaying all your treasured accessories and most beloved family photos. When it comes to the word ”behind” you can install a wallpaper in the back of your kitchen cabinet as well. This is an especially great project if you have a painted cabinets. A splash of bright wallpaper will look amazing in combination with your white plates and cups.


Which is the most unusual place where you have seen a wallpaper? Did you ever have seen stairs covered with a wallpaper? Maybe you have or maybe you have not, however, the stairs of your house are a just perfect place for displaying the magic of the wallpaper. Stairs are place from your home that features through-traffic, so why not make your walk upstairs be more fun.

The ceiling, the kitchen and even the bathroom, you can install a wallpaper anywhere you want. Just keep in mind, for great results, look for professional wallpaper hanger.


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