Create the Bathroom of your Dreams with the Right Bathroom Accessories

Who would not like to have a bathroom, like shown in MTV’s Cribs? Well, I wouldn’t and I guess you would not either. The path of creating a perfect atmosphere can be long and acquiring the right bathroom products can be a long and heavy task, however, in this article, I will share my personal experience on how to make your bathroom with the best and most gorgeous bathroom products that will be even better than Kim and Kanye bathroom, with reliable prices and at the same time look prestigious and divine.

One thing that has changed the last couple of years that bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes. Imagine your favourite tea cup, the Avangard shape, the charm and the illusion of beauty. Now you can have that in your bathtub. I am not kidding, they are comfortable, easy to clean, with a lot of functionality (Jacuzzi style) and even adding blue tooth compatibility with integrated speakers ( yes, you can listen to your favourite tunes while taking a bath and drinking your favourite white wine).

Tapware and Basins
While the bathtub gives you personal charm, the moment when you wake up and clean your teeth, wash you face, put the makeup or shave can be done on a whole new level. Tapware with sensors is the best and newest thing. If your hands are dirty in a manner of speaking and you do not want to get the tapware dirty just put the hand under it and the water comes out – simple as that. When it comes to basics, it is the same situation as bathtubs. There are different types, shapes and sizes, everything to make your bathroom look like it is part of some Hollywood star’s mansion.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is my bathroom coolest from them all? Indeed, you might ask this question, but I say just look in the mirror and observe. After you finish everything and redecorating your bathroom is done, look deep in the mirror, and after a few minutes of staring if you notice a smile on your face it seems you have done the job right. There are different sizes of mirrors and different accessories attach to it. From extra cabinets, up to lights on the top, the mirror is here to make your day beautiful and at the same time, help you be the most beautiful person!

Now, at the end, it is time to choose the throne of your bathroom. When sitting on the toilet, whether you are having number one or number two, it should make you feel that you are sitting on the game of thrones – just made from toilets. There are different types – from the standard one to the wall integrated one, to that Japanese style that will wash your toushy with water after every drop ( yes, Japanese know how to take number 2), you have a plethora of choices to make you feel like a real king!

To make your bathroom complete you will need to have a couple of accessories. From towel holders for the basin and bathtubs up to the soap dispensers. Going with aluminium finish, in fact, it will make your bathroom look like part of some futuristic movie or a novel, travelling the stars with the top notch bathroom technology – we all want to have a clean and toxin free ride in space!


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