Outdoor Commercial Pots Buying Guide

Coffee shops and restaurants come in many different themes and styles, some include Contemporary, industrial, Italian, Mexican, etc. Generally, the interior and exterior look of the restaurant goes along with the type of food they serve, and unlike the indoor part of the restaurant, the outdoor part requires close attention as it’s the first part of your restaurant the customers see, and should be appealing and eye-catching. In order to achieve this, flowers and plants can always be a contributing factor towards the appealing look and charm that will capture the attention of the by-passers.

Thanks to the advancements in the gardening industry, there are special outdoor commercial pots that can be used for the single purpose of enhancing your commercial space. Their simple design, versatility, practicality and charm makes them an amazing choice to add a captivating look to your commercial space. Outdoor commercial pots can be often seen in offices, coffee shops, restaurants and malls.

One of the things that make outdoor pots and planters so popular is the low maintenance requirement. Modern planters are designed with built-in reservoirs that provide a self-watering feature. By having this feature, planters maintain an adequate moisture level in the soil, no under-watering and no over-watering, whatsoever. Just think about not having to pester your employees or yourself, by having to water the plants on daily basis. You simply fill in the reservoir, and that’s it. Reservoirs have the capacity of providing the plants with water for 7-10 days, depending on the size of the tank.

Another great benefit is that your plants will always be healthy, and look astonishing thanks to the planters having the ability to keep the nutrients within the soil. The closed self-watering system will keep all the valuable nutrients within the soil so the plants have their full bloom potential up at all times. Outdoor planters can also be interconnected, depending on the space you have, you can connect as many planters as you can, whether that’s on a wall, floor space, or a fence.

Good looking planters and plants will improve the atmosphere in your restaurant or coffee shop, as well as increase the productivity of your workers. You just have to make sure that some plants that require lots of sunlight are exposed to it for a necessary period of time. Otherwise, you can plant anything inside them as long as the plant fits the size of the pot, otherwise if the plants are too large, their roots will eventually grow and will probably cramp, causing the plant to die.

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