Underwater Torch Light Buying Guide

You have always wanted to dive into those beautiful blue deep waters but you never really have a time. Now you found your perfect timing to start enjoying the beauty of underwater nature. First of all, you need to equip yourself with all important pieces of gear. Underwater torch lights take important part from the diving tackle so it is vital to take your time in choosing the right one. Once you start browsing for underwater torch light, you will find a wide array of them available on the market. The huge range makes it a little bit difficult to pick just one, so here is a simple guide how to figure out which one is a worthwhile investment.

Primary and backup light – If you are looking for primary dive light, a broad beam is a right choice for you. Wide brims are designed to cover a larger area, allowing you maintain a wider field of lightening vision. A primary light model will give you a clear view of the sea life that surrounds you. If you are more interested in backup light, choose a model with a narrow beam. This will give you wide illumination of rock formation, cracks, wrecks, etc.

Styles – Once you dive into the vast array of torch lights you will note that there are plenty of different styles. If you are in search for underwater torch light to dive in cold water then look for the meatier style. This is the one that is most suitable for such needs. If your destination are tropical waters or you look for backup light, opt for smaller and less powerful torch light. You can also consider a model that can be affixed to your tank so your dive friends can easily spot you underwater.

Depth ratings – Before makes your final decision, consider how deep you will go underwater. The answer to this question is very important because not all dive torch lights come with the same capacity. Are you going to dive deep or you will prefer to stay in the recreational range? If you choose a torch light that is not appropriate for your desired dive depth, then you can find yourself in very big trouble.

Batteries – When it comes to batteries, we are pretty sure you will not make a wrong choice. The manufacturers itself make a decision if their torch lights use NiCad, alkaline, etc. so you can be peace of mind when making a decision about the type of batteries. What you have to keep in mind is to keep an extra set in your dive bag. Also, do not forget to test the light before you dive in order to ensure the batteries are in good working condition.


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