Unique African Print Wedding Dresses

Oh my, the magic of African weddings! It’s like a bomb of uniqueness has exploded in those events; interesting patterns, colours and materials – it’s all there! But beside all that positive fashion drama that is going on at African weddings, you have to agree with me for this one thing – the wedding dress of the bride is definitely the ultimate detail to pay attention to; it is a fashion enigma on its own. All those beautiful tribal prints, patterns and multitude shades of colours are definitely not something to pass by unnoticed. So to get you more familiarized with the topic, in this article, I’ll focus my attention on the beautiful African print wedding dresses. Welcome.

Colorful prints

Unique African Print Wedding Dresses

On African dresses you can literally see all colors of the spectrum. However, some of the favorites are orange, blue, mustard, purple and emerald. Most of the time it is actually the mix of the right colors and patterns that makes the dress such an unique creation. Most of these wedding dresses have a fitted or asymmetrical part and an A-line bottom part. Nevertheless,the look of brides in these dresses would not be complete without all that spectacular matching jewelry and head ties. The rule of thumb to follow here is, the bolder – the better.

All White

Unique African Print Wedding Dresses 1

A-line, princess or mermaid – whichever the shape, there is definitely no doubt that all-white African wedding dresses are a fairytale on their own. These elegant dresses can also have some subtle prints embedded; the most popular ones are golden motifs and patterns that follow the dress’s contour. A very remarkable detail that African brides incorporate in their look on the big day are head-ties which break the monotony of the all-white gowns. These brides surely know how to be trendy and create an eye-catchy look.

All White + Colorful prints

These dresses combine the best of the two above mentioned categories; they are mostly white with a couple of elegant inserts in subtle prints. Golden, brown and cream are the most common colors that blend together in wonderful printed inserts. Most of them are carefully placed along the hemlines, highlighting the dress’s contour. Moreover, there are also statement  inserts which usually take up more place on the gown making it look so spectacularly. The prints are usually placed at the center of the gown or they cover the entire lower part of the dress.

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