Ideas To Empower Your Space: Grasscloth Is The Latest Wallpaper Craze!

Very few things can compare with the excitement of buying a new home for you and your family. Blinded by the excitement there are lot of things we can not see at a glance. Does the same thing happens to you? The very firs problem came out just when you moved in. And not just any small problem, but wall problem. In some parts of the room, walls were just not perfect as they should be. So, what now? You spend so much money on this house and those walls are just too irritating for you to watch them every day. Fortunately, there is a solution even for less-than-perfect walls. And no, you do not need to break the wall, you just need to find the right textured wall paper and camouflage all wall imperfections without spending a fortune.

When we say textured wallpaper we mean specifically of grasscloth wallpaper. According to interior designers grasscloth can be a tricky material to deal with, but once you did the right way, it’s worth it. Its visual depth and crisp elegance can leave you breathless.

textured wallpapers

What it is – Grasscloth is wallpaper that is hand crafted using natural fibers, usually jute, hemp, grass or other similar plants. This wall covering is gaining its popularity because of its organic and Eco-friendly construction and reach texture. This textured wall paper comes in wide array of weaves, from chunky to fine and in both dyed and neutral colours. It can look contemporary and sleek, rustic and rough, and anything in between.

Where to use it – You can use this type of wall cover almost anywhere in your home with few exceptions. It is a wallpaper that does not withstand moisture well, which means a poorly ventilated bathroom is not the right place for grass cloth. Because it can fray under repeated bumping and rubbing, avoid hallway or playroom as areas for installing a grasscloth wallpaper. So, which room is the right one? The walls of your living room, dining room, office and even your bedroom are just perfect for using a grasscloth.

How to install it – Its natural texture does not make this type of wall cover much harder for installation compared to standard wallpaper. If you are going to install the grasscloth on your own rather than hiring a professional, keep few things in mind. Grasscloth is heavy, so you will need an extra help. Also, this wall cover is available in single and double rolls which means the size you choose will depend on the size of your walls and the number of the walls you want to cover. So think good before you make the final purchase.

So, what are you thinking? Is it the grasscloth wallpaper a good choice and right solution for your walls? Maybe is not the cheapest type of wallpaper you will find available on the market, but it’s worth the money and is a definitely less expensive option than restoring your walls.


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