How To Select The Right Hat For Your Face

These years hats are one of the hottest fashion accessories. Whether going for a walk or heading to a wedding party, a hat can be the magical ingredient that will give your outfit the needed final touch. In fact, hats are like love. There is a hat out there for everyone, you just need to find the right one. But with all the types, styles, shapes, sizes and models of hats available both online and offline, how to choose the right one? When in the search for your next little and cute hat love, the face shape is one of the most important things you need to consider.

Maybe you are in love with a baseball cap, but the wide brim hats might be a better option. Everybody’s face is different, and that is why we have prepared for you a little guide that will help you find the right hat for your face shape. Let’s go through it.

Besides face shape, there are three more things you need to pay attention to when looking for the right hat. The first thing is to make sure you have the right outfit; the second one is to wear the right makeup, and the third one is to have your hair down!

Round Face Shape

wide brim hats (2)

Wider forehead, full cheeks, and rounded chin are the things that represent this symmetrical type of shape. You can add length to this beautiful face shape by playing with angles, meaning that you can easily wear asymmetrical shapes like Gatsby or wide brim teardrop top fedora. When in the store searching for the right hat, look for a high crown and slanted or peaked brim, and avoid wide and rounded crowns.

Square Face Shape

wide brim hats

Square faces are wide as they are long. These face shapes have wider forehead and cheekbones and strong jawline. If you want to add a softness to your square face, you can easily choose floppy and wide brim hats, as they will especially flatter your face and style. Just like with the rounded face, it is all about the angles, so don’t put the height straight, instead angle it a little bit to add a balance. The best way to get the best deal for your money is to go to online and look for floppy or wide brim hats for sale and buy two or three for the price of one.

Oblong Face Shape

face shapes hats for women

Oblong is a very long face shape, meaning that your face is longer than it is wide. A bucket hat or also known as a cloche, as well as wide brim fedora, are the right hats for oblong faces. They have round edges and shorter crown that will make your face and hat look proportional. You should avoid wearing hats with flat or narrow brims because they will overemphasize your long face.

Heart Shape Face

face shape hats for women 1

People who have heart shaped faces have wider cheekbones and narrow forehead and chin. If the brim is too wide will make your forehead look wide. Instead, you can opt for moderate brim fedoras with pinched crowns, as well as beanies.

Oval Face Shape

oval face shape

If you have oval face shape you are lucky since you can wear any hat type, so have fun with that 🙂 Go online and choose cloche, beanie, moderate or wide brim hats for sale and match it with any outfit you want.


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