Maximize Density & Efficiency With Warehouse Shelving

Maximizing the density and efficiency of the stored inventory in the warehouse is vital for ensuring optimum level of productivity on the work site. And the crucial step towards maximizing storage density and efficiency is equipping your warehouse with the right warehouse shelving units. In order to make the best warehouse storage system equipment investment, you must base your purchase choice on the actual storage needs and requirements of your business.

There is a number of different types of warehouse shelving units for sale available on the market, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel overwhelmed by the wide span of choices you need to choose from. What you need to do before you start your quest for the most appropriate shelving units for your warehouse is to explore and learn more about the different types of storage systems.

steel shelving units

If you have little or no experience in buying industrial shelving units, follow our simple guide on the most popular storage systems among the Australian warehousing business owners – pallet racking. We have outlined the most important features and purpose of use of the different types of industrial racking options. However, before you decide what racking system would fit perfectly in your warehouse, the most important factors on which you should base your decision include:

  • The specific type of items that you need to store;
  • The product flow requriements in your warehouse;
  • The storage space available;
  • The type of moving and lifting equipment used;
  • The environmental conditions in the warehouse space such as humidty and temperature.

Selective Pallet Rack – If the efficiency of the operations on your warehouse require simultaneous access to all the items stored on pallets, then what you need is a selective pallet rack system. This storage system is the ideal solution for warehouses and distribution centers where the continous flow of the stored goods is required.

Drive-in and drive-through racking is the best solution for storing identical goods in large quantites, which usually requires usage of forklifts. Unlike some of the storage solutions that do not enable safe material-handling with the use of moving and lifting equipment, manuvring with forklift inside and around this type of pallet racking system is not something you should feel concerned about.

Carton flow rack are good option for you if you need to store products with expiration date such as food and beverage. This is the perfect storage solution for FIFO (first in, first out) method of retrieving products and for cold storage applications.

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